Confidentiality Statement
All student and class data hard copies are kept in a locked filing cabinet located in the CEF offices. The student data is kept on a secured server and is protected by a monitored security and firewall system. All reports containing confidential data are shredded prior to their disposal. Companies who sponsor their employees’ training, can access their employees’ training history, attendance, and grades via the CEF website. In order to access this feature, a company must first complete an application and assign a designated contact from their company. Once the application is approved by CEF, the designated contact is given a personalized access code, which allows them to view only their employees’ records from the website.

Students requesting a copy of their transcripts must provide their social security number and other pertinent information to verify that they are that student. Transcripts and other data will not be released to anyone other than the student without a signed authorization form, except if the requesting person is the designated company contact.
How to Register

In Person: In Person: You may come to the CEF Office located at 101 S Royal Lane Blg B, Coppell, TX between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Mail: Complete a registration form for the course desired and indicate your preferred payment method. Mail your registration form with your payment to the CEF Office at PO Box 612107, DFW Airport, TX 75261-2107. 

Fax: You may register by faxing your registration form to 972.574.3440, unless paying by check, cash or money order. 

Website: This option is available only if you are using the payment options of Credit Card or for those companies who have filled out the proper paperwork and have online access with CEF can use Credit Card, Trust or Invoice Payment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration.  

Course Cancellations
A course is cancelled if an insufficient number of registrations have been received two (2) days prior to the first course meeting. You will be notified if the course is cancelled, therefore it is important to have a good phone number for you (on your registration form). Refunds are processed automatically. Occasionally, we are not able to reach a student before the first course meeting. Therefore, signs will be posted on classroom doors in these cases. We urge our students to register early to ensure of a place in the course of your choice. Early registrations will often prevent the cancellation of a course due to insufficient enrollment.
Withdrawal Information & Refunds
Semester Courses: Semester Courses refer to courses 48 hours or more in length. Students who drop a course two (2) working days before the course start date will be issued a full tuition credit, minus the cost of books and materials. After this time, a $100.00 administrative fee will be charged, plus any applicable book and/or material fees. Books and materials are non-refundable unless course is dropped on or before August 14, 2024 Students who drop on or after August 16, 2024 will be billed in full for course tuition and books and materials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must call the CEF office by the above dates in order to be credited for any part of your tuition, materials and/or books.

All Other Courses: “All Other Courses” refers to all courses and seminars that are less than 48 hours in length. Students who drop a course two (2) working days before the course start date will be issued a full tuition credit, minus the cost of books and materials. After that, no part of the tuition will be credited.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Non-refunded books/materials will be available to the student or an authorized company representative by request only, and must be picked up within 30 days following the course start date. CEF will not ship or mail non-refunded books/materials. Non-refunded books/materials will not be distributed after the 30 days.

Attendance Policy
Companies receive weekly employee attendance reports. There are no “EXCUSED ABSENCES”. However, if the following steps are taken, the governing council will take all reasons for absences into consideration if a reinstatement review is requested by the student or company.

Good attendance is important for the success of any training program. Absences could affect your grade. If you must be absent, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor and/or a staff member in the CEF office before the start of class to let them know you are going to be absent and the reason for your absence. An excuse must be given for each absence.

As a courtesy, during the first two weeks of registration, you and your company will receive a call from CEF, in addition to an email or fax, reporting any absences. It is your responsibility to provide CEF with a correct address, telephone number or other contact information.

Drops are determined by the number of absences based on your course hours.

Testing Information
To meet course pre-requisites or to test out of various courses you must set an appointment by calling 972.574.5200. Testing is done Monday through Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Testing must be completed before the semester start date.
Inclement Weather Policy
Please tune to one of the following local news weather reports for inclement weather notification and school closings for the Dallas College:

  • Channel 4 (KDVW)
  • Channel 5 (KXAS)
  • Channel 8 (WFAA)
  • Channel 11 (KTVT)
You may also call the CEF Office at 972.574.5200, visit our website or check our Face Book page. Sign up for text alerts on your student account online or contact the CEF office.
Equal Education Opportunity Policy
Construction Education Foundation Inc. (CEF) is committed to providing equal educational opportunities regardless of gender, race, color, religion, age, national origin or disability. CEF provides equal opportunity in accordance with federal and state laws.
The catalog contains policies, regulations, procedures, prices and course information (classes, books & materials and instructors) in existence at the time the publication went to press. CEF reserves the right to change or alter the statements and procedures in this catalog to reflect current Board policies, administrative regulations and procedures, as well as applicable state and federal laws and regulations. The changes may include, but are not limited to, the days and times courses are offered, instructors who teach the courses, books, fees, and the cancellation of courses. This catalog is for informational purposes only. It is not a contract and is subject to change.
Book, Material & Supplies
Most courses require the purchase of books and/or materials. This information is noted in the course description pages of this catalog in alphabetical order by class. A shipping and handling charge is included in all quoted costs. If there is no book listed, none is required for that class. Book prices listed on the schedule pages refer to books you would need for that level only. It does not reflect materials or books you may have received in a previous level. Be sure to indicate on your registration form the exact cost (add 8.25% tax) of your required books and materials for accurate billing purposes.

All advertised books and materials are subject to change.

NOTE: Replacement book costs are the responsibility of the student. Companies will not be invoiced for replacement books without prior authorization.
Methods of Payment
Payment is required before or at the time of registration. If your company is a Sponsoring Association Member, your company can be invoiced upon approval by an authorized company representative. In addition, a company’s CEF Trust Account can be debited upon signed approval by an authorized company representative.

Invoice: Sponsoring Association Members Only (ASA, TEXO) Signature from an authorized representative of your company is required on the Registration Form. Please indicate the name of your company’s Sponsoring Association in the slot provided on the registration form. Due upon receipt. Accounts delinquent over 60 days may have future credit suspended until balance becomes current.

CEF Trust Account Debit: CEF Trust Account Holders Only Requires signature from an authorized representative of your company on the Registration Form. Deductions cannot exceed the required minimum balance of $50.00.

Other Methods of Payment
• Money Order
• Credit Card (see note below)
• Cash
• Check

Out-of-State & Out-of-County Fees
Dallas College charges an additional $345.00 fee for students who have lived in the State of Texas for less than one year.

Dallas College charges an additional $156.00 fee for students who live outside of DFW Metroplex. If either of these conditions apply, additional charges will be invoiced.

US Residency Requirements
Students in credit classes who are not U.S. Citizens but have authorized residency in the United States MUST bring to the first night of class their U.S. residency card for CEF to copy for the student files. A company representative or student MUST bring or mail copies of the required documentation (residency card - front and back. All photos must be clear and identifiable) to the CEF office prior to the first night of class if unable to attend first night of class. No faxes please. If CEF does not receive this information before or on the first class meeting, each company may be billed an additional charge for non-U.S. citizens.

North Lake College charges an additional fee of $200.00 for students in credit classes who do not have the required documentation for residency.

Note: If the residency status of a trainee is Educational or Work, the company will still be charged an additional fee for that student.
Federal Registration Fee
Some of our CEF Craft Courses are currently approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship (OA). The curriculum used in all of these courses is competency based and task oriented.  Students who are federally registered apprentices must work for companies that have a signed agreement with CEF. Companies that are interested in becoming part of our Federally Registered Program and enrolling employees in a qualified trade may contact CEF  for more information regarding requirements. Companies will be asked to sign an agreement with CEF to comply with the federally approved standards of the program. All Apprentice Training courses start in the fall semester of each year. Companies must be registered with CEF and have a signed agreement prior to August 15th, (before the fall classes commence). This is imperative because students entering into a program are required to fill out paperwork, take prerequisite testing (usually a reading and math test) as well as an interview to evaluate them for the program.

Companies will be charged an initial start-up fee of $150.00 for each apprentice registered with the OA program. If for any reason a student is deregistered and reinstated to the OA program, an additional fee of $150.00 will be charged to the company. For more information, please contact our office.